Using Beauty Ingredients Incorrectly Can Add Years to Your Appearance 

Using Beauty Ingredients Incorrectly Can Add Years to Your Appearance 

Nobody wants to hear that the anti-aging products they’re using may be making them appear even older. But it can happen! Fortunately, tweaking how you make use of them can let them do their job. Sometimes swapping in different products is all you need to do. Keep reading to learn more about anti-aging gone wrong and what you can do to prevent that.  

Anti-Aging Cream
If you use it incorrectly, it can actually add years to your appearance. Using too much of this potent product can dry out your skin and have your wrinkles looking more prominent. Avoid this by using no more than a pea-sized amount of retinol cream or serum on your entire face a few times a week. If you don’t notice any irritation, you can gradually add a day per week. But if applying it only a few days a week leaves your skin feeling too tight or dry, speak with your doctor about getting a product with a lower percentage of retinol in it.  

Morning Scrub
If you regularly use harsh exfoliators with ingredients like crystals and ground seeds, it can be too abrasive and lead to chronic inflammation and even accelerate the aging process. Switch to a more gentle cream exfoliant instead.  

Face Wash
It’s best not to use foaming face washes because these products’ high levels of surfactants strip natural oils from your skin and dull your complexion. They also bring attention to small wrinkles you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Use a hydrating cream cleanser with moisturizing ceramides instead.  

Brightening Peel
It’s okay to use these once in awhile, but the results won’t be ideal if you use them too much. Brightening agents such as alpha hydroxy acids and hydroquinone can cause the skin to be more sensitive to damage from the sun. This can result in more brown spots and defeats the purpose of using them in the first place. Choose botanical brighteners that do not come with sun sensitivity as a side effect.  

This doesn’t just include your toner. It can be any product that contains alcohol, as it can dry out the skin and strip it of oils that provide hydration and keep the barrier between your skin and outside irritants, according to Eric Schweiger, MD, founder and medical director of Schweiger Dermatology Group and The Clear Clinic. Switch to alcohol-free alternatives instead and your face will thank you.   



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