Botox Can Help Your Neck Appear More Youthful 

Botox Can Help Your Neck Appear More Youthful 

Botox is a popular treatment that was made well-known by how amazing it is when it comes to reducing and even eliminating forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. Increasingly, though, Botox is being administered by professionals into other areas of the body. For example, one area is the neck, which has made the “Botox neck lift” possible. 

The active ingredient in Botox is botulinum toxin type A. The purified form of the toxin is injected into specific muscles, depending on what is being treated. Once it is there, it begins to block the nerve receptors and keeps nerve impulses from reaching the muscle. In about one day, patients typically start to notice results. The effects usually last three to four months. 

As individuals grow older, the platysma muscle plays a direct part in how the neck looks. Different people can show signs of aging at different times and in various ways depending on the thickness and position of the muscle. Over time, thick platysmal bands typically become visible and run in a “V” shape from the top to the base of the neck. This appearance is often likened to a turkey wattle. Botox that is administered correctly can relax this area of the body and soften prominent platysmal bands. 

It’s important to know that Botox relaxes muscles and does not eliminate fat deposits or pull up sagging skin. The best results from Botox are usually seen on those who have little fat, not a lot of skin elasticity loss, and who primarily suffer from thick platysmal bands. 

The results of Botox for this purpose are temporary and subtle. Does this seem like the right option for you? Please, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation now and we’ll discuss your treatment options. 

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