Do You Need Restylane Lips This Winter? 

Do You Need Restylane Lips This Winter? 

If you want to turn back time as far as your look goes, you may have heard of Restylane. This product is a type of clear gel that is used to fill out wrinkles, facial folds, lips, and is long-lasting. Restylane is injected or filled right below the surface of the skin. This gel maintains volume by integrating with the underlying dermal tissue and binding to water molecules. The hyaluronic acid (HA) is known as “Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid” (NASHA) and is both biodegradable and biocompatible with human hyaluronic acid. New Restylane is not based on animal hyaluronic acid, and is both biologically degradable and safe.  

For many years, Restylane has been used in Europe for lip augmentation and facial rejuvenation and is easily accessible for interested candidates in the United States. It has been FDA-approved as a cosmetic filler since December of 2003.  

Are you looking for a quick way to become more youthful? Restylane may be for you, as it smooths out wrinkles and enhances lips almost immediately. Restylane lips are perfect for those who want to improve the definition and contour of their lips for a younger, more refreshed appearance. It just takes a single treatment with Restylane to provide natural lip enhancement. Restylane can also Make the lips fuller and enhance them, fill the areas that appear at the corners of the mouth, improve the contouring of the cheeks and mouth, improve the appearance of and fill the nasolabial folds (aka, laugh lines), fill smile line folds, and redefine the border of the lips and fill in the small grooves to prevent the ‘bleeding’ lipstick look that no one desires.  

Are you ready for Restylane lips? Please, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation now and we will discuss your treatment options.  

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