Radiesse Is “TLC” for the Hands 

Radiesse Is “TLC” for the Hands 

Many people have their own anti-aging beauty routine, but they just focus on taking care of their face. Not as many people choose to take care of their hands nearly as much.  

Ninety percent of skin aging indicators (dark spots, wrinkles, laxity) are from the skin’s unprotected exposure to UV rays. The hands are just as vulnerable to photoaging as any other exposed area of the body. The chances are good that you think this rule just applies to the summer, but it’s actually a year-round problem. Just think about how often your hands are on a steering wheel if you drive…the UV rays are constantly penetrating the window, no matter what season it is. When it comes to protection, it is more safer to consider your hands an extension of your face. Use a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher every morning and treat it as if it is hand cream, as well. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours, or after you wash your hands. Make sure it is broad-spectrum, to protect against both UVA and UVB rays 

But what are you going to do about the sun damage that already exists on your hands? Radiesse may be what you are looking for! Radiesse is the first and only FDA-approved product on the market for hand augmentation. It’s made of a substance that naturally occurs in human bones named “calcium hydroxyapatite.” It will fill out your hands to give them a more plump, youthful appearance, while providing a scaffold to stimulate collagen production in your body.  

Radiesse is placed underneath the skin on the backs of your hands and will provide immediate wrinkle smoothing, plumping, and volumizing. The results last from one to two years and the procedure just takes 15 minutes or so; therefore, it can be considered a “lunchtime” procedure.  

Would you like to treat your hands to some Radiesse? Schedule a consultation today and we will discuss your treatment options.   


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