Can Your Droopy Lids Be Helped Through Diet? 

Can Your Droopy Lids Be Helped Through Diet? 

Do you have eyelids that droop? This condition is medically known as “ptosis” and results when the muscles that lift and lower your eyelids are weakened. Either one or both of your lids might be drooping and this can disrupt your vision if it is severe enough. This may even mean you need an eyelid surgeon to tighten and lift the lids so you can see properly. Changes in your diet, like following an anti-inflammatory diet, are not known to benefit the treatment of ptosis. However, it could help prevent or reduce chronic inflammation that might lead to you developing droopy lids in the first place.  

The levator muscles that are responsible for blinking and for your eyelid position may become weak as a result of the natural aging process. Sometimes the issue occurs before birth. That is, a child can have congenital ptosis. There are other conditions that might cause ptosis such as brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, or a stroke. 

Doctors frequently recommend anti-inflammatory diets for conditions such as cancer or heart disease. Even though the anti-inflammatory diet does not have a connection that is known to help resolve or prevent ptosis, eating this way can be beneficial in preventing or reducing the effects of chronic inflammation that may lead to droopy eyelids. An anti-inflammatory diet would include the elimination of meat, high-fat dairy products, processed foods and certain oils, and would include many fruits and vegetables, among other specific anti-inflammatory foods.  

Contact your physician if you notice that you have a droopy lids, especially if it’s sudden change– this could indicate a serious condition, such as a stroke. Either immediately contact your doctor or seek emergency treatment. Because a strict change in diet can impact your overall health, make sure to consult your doctor before you begin eliminating or including certain foods. 

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