Botox Helps Improve a Gummy Smile 

Botox Helps Improve a Gummy Smile 

Do you desire a smile that shows off less gums and more teeth? You may have what is called a “gummy smile”. This happens when a person smiles and their lip rises too far above their upper teeth, which shows off their gums. This may happen for a variety of reasons, including a hyperactive muscle that elevates the upper lip. A gummy smile may also be aggravated by a thin upper lip, which lets the gums show more than one wants. There is some hope for anyone with a gummy smile who doesn’t wish for one. Injections of Botox can reduce the activity of the muscle that lifts the upper lip. 

 Prior to treatment, a medical professional must give you an examination to be sure you are right for this treatment. A topical anesthetic or plain ice will be applied in order to numb the area and minimize any discomfort before the injection. A small amount of Botox is then injected at both sides of the junction of the nostril and the fold that runs from the mouth to the nose, in order to weaken the muscles. In the following three to four days, the lip gradually drops and the smile is completely different, showing less gums and allowing one to smile more confidently. Complete results should be seen in about two weeks after treatment. 

 After treatment, it is important to avoid massaging, rubbing, touching, or applying makeup to the area for about four hours. The great news is that the treatment only takes about 10 minutes. We will provide aftercare instructions. The results of Botox treatment are about four to six months, so you may want touch-up treatment. 

 Are you interested in Botox to help with your gummy smile? Schedule a consultation now and we’ll determine whether you are a good candidate. 


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