Oily Skin? Here Are Some Remedies You May Want to Consider

Oily Skin? Here Are Some Remedies You May Want to Consider

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be hard to manage oily skin. Not only that, you may even cause breakouts and extra sensitivity if you try to manage your skin the wrong way. Some over-the-counter products include harsh chemicals that cause too much dryness and lead to irritation. The following are five suggestions for natural ways you can manage oily skin 

Aloe Vera
Applying aloe vera gel can help eliminate any oil that might be resting on your skin. You can use aloe vera gel to help clean out clogged pores, too. Apply the gel after washing your face, three times each day. Chill the gel if you want a more soothing effect.  

Cold Water
Treat your skin with natural, cold water instead of harsh facial products and cleansers. Do this on a regular basis and then gently pat your face dry with a towel. This is amazing for removing extra oil that is on your skin.  

Skip Moisturizers
If your face is already oily, it does not require extra moisturizer. Using moisturizer on oily skin can cause your pores to become more clogged.  

Don’t Touch Your Face
Those with oily skin commonly have issues with breakouts because they touch their face throughout the day. Your hands come into contact with a lot during a day, like dirt, soil, and plenty of germs. You may not see what they’re covered with, but it can irritate your skin if you touch your face. If you have oily skin and your hair touches your face, this can also become a problem because hair becomes oily and holds dirt. Tie your hair back when you’re participating in activities, if this is the case for you. 

Use Natural Scrubs
Natural scrubs and facials are great for fighting against oils that bother your skin. Look for recipes online and see which ones will let you exfoliate, clean pores, and absorb oil.  

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