7 Bikini Line Shaving Tips for Those with Sensitive Skin

7 Bikini Line Shaving Tips for Those with Sensitive Skin


Summer is almost here and if you have extra sensitive skin, shaving your bikini line can cause some major irritation. The following tips will be helpful for you whether you shave regularly or only when you’re going to actually wear a bathing suit. They will help you avoid breaking out from shaving. Read on to learn how to get a smooth, silky finish.

Trim First
If you haven’t shaved your bikini line in a while, it may help to trim the area first. You might choose to use a pair of trimmers or scissors to cut away excess hair — it’s up to you. This will help you be able to see more clearly when it’s time to shave and makes it easier to use the razor.

Soften With a Soak
Take a soak in the tub a little while before you shave to soften up. You can also simply take a shower. Your skin is less likely to get razor burn when it’s soft.

It’s a good idea to exfoliate before you shave because it can help with dryness and provide a smoother surface for your razor. Your skin may be rougher in the creases, so exfoliating is especially important. Use either a washcloth or even a sugar scrub that you like.

Use a Fresh Razor
When it comes to bikini line-shaving, it’s a good idea to use a new razor. Using a dull razor raises the risk of cutting yourself in areas that involve curves, like the bikini line.

Choose a Shaving Cream that Soothes
Some shaving creams are better than others. And some are also better for sensitive skin. Look for a smoothing and soothing shaving cream that is made for sensitive skin.

Apply a Moisturizer
After you shave, it is a good idea to apply a moisturizer. It can help soothe the skin and keep you from getting razor bumps and irritation. Make sure you use a gentle lotion and only apply a little bit. You don’t want to get lotion into your vaginal area because it could lead to an infection.

Wear Breathable Underwear
You may be tempted to wear silky panties after you shave your bikini line, but it’s better to wear cotton ones the day you shave. Cotton panties are breathable and can reduce any chances of irritation. If you don’t need to go anywhere and you’re just wearing your pajamas at home, being underwear-free may be your best choice.