7 Super Reasons to Try Botox

7 Super Reasons to Try Botox


You’ve heard about Botox and its many uses, aesthetic and otherwise. Now maybe you’re looking for some good reasons to try it out. Read on to learn some of the top reasons you should consider Botox.

You Don’t Want to Look Constantly Angry
There are some studies that have shown that individuals report better overall moods when they’ve used Botox for frown lines. It is suspected by researchers that neurochemicals that are released when you frown can influence your overall sense of well-being. Or, all of the comments and compliments on your refreshed appearance are mood-lifting.

You Don’t Want to Look Tired All the Time
People may comment on how tired you always appear. Even though you got your eight hours, gravity will start to get stronger than muscles that hold up your eyes.

You Want a Brow Lift Without the Downtime
Botox is able to relax the strong muscles that pull down your brows.

You Want to Prevent Wrinkles
Botox is an effective way to prevent wrinkles from happening in the first place. When certain muscles in your face repeatedly contract — like those that cause frown lines — the lines become permanent. In areas that are contracted over and over, collagen breaks down.

You Have a Gummy Smile
Maybe when you smile, you see more gum than teeth and that bothers you. Small amounts of Botox can give people a smile that shows off their teeth instead of just gums.

You Sweat a Lot
Do you want about six months of not having to worry about using antiperspirant or deodorant to fight sweat spots on your shirts? Consider Botox.

You Have a “Turkey Neck”
Maybe you’re not ready for a neck lift, but you have prominent platysmal bands in the neck that could use some softening up with Botox.

Do you think you may be a good candidate for Botox? Schedule a consultation today to discover the best treatment options for your needs!