Lip Enhancement | Juvederm for Lips


About Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is one of many popular noninvasive treatments today. Juvederm® is one recommended product for lip treatments with many benefits. The experience itself is non-painful, the treatment is approved by the FDA, and the results can last up to one year.

Natural Look with Immediate Results

Juvederm® Ultra contains a consistency gel that smooths out the results, giving you a very natural look. Oftentimes, patients only need one treatment in order to receive the results they desire. Juvederm® activates almost instantly in the applied areas, and the results are long lasting, usually up to about a year.

Safe and Easy Procedure

A trusted healthcare professional administers the Juvederm®, and the process can typically be done in around half an hour, depending on the individual and the total number of areas that the person is having treated. The best part about the procedure is that there is minimal downtime, and recovery is speedy.

Being approved by both the FDA and Health Canada, Juvederm® has been deemed safe. It has been noted that this is the first hyaluronic acid facial filler that has shown to be effective even in persons of color. It is a winning choice to use when looking for great results in facial features.

Is Juvederm® for Lip Enhancement Right for Me?

Though surgical methods exist that can increase the volume of the lips, most of them are extremely risky and are no where near free of pain. Fortunately, Juvederm® is the safer alternative that will produce luscious lips safely with beautiful results.