Thermage® | Noninvasive Collagen Stimulation

About Thermage®

Thermage® is a radio frequency treatment that transforms skin by working below the surface to address a range of surface imperfections. Benefits include the smoothing of wrinkly or uneven skin, better definition of facial features around the eyes, jaw and neckline, and even the smoothing and toning of unsightly bulges, dimples and wrinkles on the face and body. Thermage® helps to stimulate collagen production so your skin gets that smooth feel and youthful look you want.

How Does Work?

Thermage® treatments are typically 45 minutes for eyes or face and up to 90 minutes for larger body areas. Using a proprietary wand, your doctor will generate a vibration along the surface of your skin using radio frequencies to remodel the collagen below. Interspersed cooling makes the treatment even more comfortable. The treatment is highly effective on wrinkles and facial folds, especially around the eyes.

Are There Side Effects?

Some side effects may include swelling, pain, burns or blisters from heating that may occur in the skin, lumps or nodules, and changes in pigmentation. Varied sensations (burning, tingling, numbness) may present as well, but typically resolve in a few short weeks. General surface irregularities may appear up to one month after treatment.

Is Right For Me?

Thermage® is a good treatment for those seeking targeted results, but not overly drastic changes, with very little down time. A single treatment may be all that is required for the results you’re seeking. Skin color and ethnic background is not a factor in the effectiveness of Thermage® treatment.