Upper Arm Lift | Surgical Cosmetic Treatment

About Upper Arm Lift

The upper arm lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure where fat and skin are removed from the arms. Sagging skin and fat deposits are a result of age, and loose skin may be the result of successful weight loss. This procedure corrects these flaws and creates a slimmer, more shapely, toned appearance.

How this Does Work?

Typical with other surgical procedures, your doctor will want to see that you are generally in good health and physically able to handle surgery. A local anesthetic or general anesthesia may be used during an upper arm lift. During surgery, your doctor will make an incision spanning from the underarm to the elbow. Excess fat and skin are then removed and trimmed. The opening is sutured shut, and the sutures will be absorbed by the body when the wound has healed.

Are There Side Effects?

Swelling, bruising, and general discomfort are typical throughout recover after an upper arm lift. Drainage tubes may be used to collect excess blood or fluid for the first few days after surgery. Compression bandages may be required to facilitate healing.

Is an Upper Arm Lift Right For Me?

This is not for everyone. Those who are generally unhealthy or obese may not be good candidates for surgery. Older people whose skin is not as elastic or resilient might not see the results of a younger person. It’s important to consult with your doctor to assess your goals and your body’s ability to achieve them.